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Canon LV-7365 XGA LCD Projector

Canon LV-7365 XGA LCD Projector

DVD and HDTV (1080i, 720p, 575p, 575i, 480p, and 480i), DVI-I, Analog VGA
3000 lumens
One of our latest additions is the Canon LV-7365 projector, which features a more powerful 3000 ANSI lumens lamp and a short throw distance for projecting in a wide range of environments. The 1.6x wide angle zoom lens, impressive 600:1 Contrast Ratio, 29dB Quiet Mode, Quick Start, Auto Keystone Correction and intuitive on-screen menus make the LV-7365 a delight to operate. In addition, HDMI digital input can be handled by an available DVI-I high-speed interface.

Always ready for diverse input sources, the LV-7365 projector offers you effortless connection to laptops and desktop computers, DVD players, digital cameras and camcorders, VCRs, and other devices. In particular, it supports:
- DVD and HDTV (1080i, 720p, 575p, 575i, 480p, and 480i)
- DVI-I high-speed interface
- Analog VGA Out
For projecting video, the LV-7365 eliminates distracting, noise-like interference (caused, for example, by pinstriped clothing or intricate line patterns). Subtle flickering of subtitles is also prevented.

With its 3000 ANSI lumens lamp, the LV-7365 is among the brightest of Canon's portable XGA resolution projectors. Even in a classroom or office with high levels of ambient light, your audience will be sure to see every brilliant detail of your presentation. You can even use your LV-7365 to present in front of large audiences in weddings, conference and boardroom environments.

The LV-7365 offers native XGA (1024x768) resolution for your images, making it a perfect match for your laptop computer. In addition, the LV-7365 supports both UXGA and SXGA resolution through high-quality compression. You can also project digital input with no loss in quality thanks to the LV-7365's available DVI interface. It enables you to have an all-digital connection between the projector and your input source. With no signal conversion to analog RGB, what you send to the LV-7365 is what you see on the screen in front of you.

Canon Optical Performance Superior clarity and color are the hallmarks of Genuine Canon projection lenses. And with a 1.6x wide-angle zoom, the new LV-7365 is perfect for small rooms, allowing you to project bigger images from shorter distances. The LV-7365's short throw distance means you can project that crisp image on a 100" screen that's as close as 9'2" away from the projector.

Wall Color Correction:
The LV-7365 features enhanced Wall Color Correction, allowing you to project onto non-white surfaces such as a chalkboard or wall. Select from several wall color options including greenboard, greenboard gray, light yellow, light green, light blue, sky blue, light rose and pink for quick adaptive color correction. The image you project will be closer in appearance to how it would look when projected on a white background.

Wireless Remote:
The wireless remote gives you control over a range of functions, including
* Auto PC Adjustment for optimizing the image quality of an RGB source
* Source Select for choosing between four different input sources
* Mouse Control for full control of a connected computer (with the addition of a remote mouse receiver in your PC's USB port)
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