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Sony HVL-F58AM

Sony HVL-F58AM

The Sony HVL-F58AM flash unit is packed with exceptional features for versatile & flexible external lighting control. This flash features a new & innovative Quick Shift Bounce system. It offers more creative ways to achieve lighting, flash & bounce angles you may not have been able to experience before.

The flash head can pivot 90 degrees left & right on a horizontal axis in addition to the conventional up & down vertical adjustment. With this system, the camera & flash unit can keep the same orientation regardless of portrait or landscape shooting. This gives a higher degree of flexibility when arranging the direction of light.

For example, you can take full advantage of the flash unit's built-in bounce card even during portrait shots since the flash head can maintain the same orientation as it would in the landscape position.

Enhanced Operability & Ease-of-Use:
A powerful performer, the HVL-F58AM flash unit features a maximum guide number of 58 at 105mm and ISO 100. It recycles (or recharges) in as little as 5 seconds, approximately 55% faster than the predecessor HVL-F56AM model, so you are ready to capture the next shot. And because it features a quiet recycle charge, there's no whine to distract you from your subject

It also has a large, easy-to-read LCD screen that is about 13% larger than its predecessor's. Its intuitive control layout makes it easy to control flash functions & configure the settings based on your needs.

Wire less Auto Flash Control:
This flash has wireless auto flash control so you can remove the flash unit from the camera and easily light subjects from different angles. Photographers can create soft shadows to add depth to their images and avoid the strong shadows and hot spots that can occur with front lighting. The HVL-F58AM flash unit can also control the ratio of lighting from several off-camera flash units.

Up to 3 groups of flashes can be set up for optimal, complete control of lighting via a wireless connection. Flash output ratios can be adjusted automatically without having to do tedious exposure calculations. You can fire a modeling flash to preview flash effects before taking the picture. Even with multiple units, the modeling flash fires according to the flash ratio you have set.

One of the flash's most advanced features is its sophisticated zoom control that automatically optimizes illumination angles suitable for either APS-C size or 35mm full frame sensors. This control reduces light "fall-off" at the periphery of images.

It also has an advanced white balance compensation system that gathers color temperature information, complimenting the white balance information reading of the camera. This achieves more accurate results when the main unit is in auto white balance. Other features include: high-speed synchronization at shutter speeds of up to 1/4000 of a second, ADI flash metering, manual flash & zoom (6 levels), and multiple-flash.


- External flash unit with GN58 (105mm lens, ISO 100)
- Wireless TTL mode
- High accuracy ADI flash metering combines TTL metering and guide number control
- High-speed flash recharge (5 secs cycle to full power)
- New Quick Shift Bounce system maintains consistent shadow position in horizontalor vertical orientation
- Intelligent WB adjustment with colour temperature information (optimised for newa models)
- High-speed synch at all shutter speeds
- Full manual control with 6-step power settings (1/1-1/32)
- Auto zoom, modelling flash and multi-flash emission
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