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Leica M7

Leica M7

The M7's classic dimensions are identical to the M3 first introduced in 1954-a real testament to the brilliance of the design. This is a camera that's incredibly reliable and as quiet as they come, with a broad selection of available lenses in both the new and used markets. The M7 TTL, when used with Lecia-specific Metz flashes, can sync at up to 1/1000th second with TTL flash exposure control-a real improvement over prior models. The viewfinder, such an important part of the M experience, retains its classic brightness and framing lines but now unobtrusively adds information upon your shutter speed, the film speed, the exposure mode, and the flash readiness. The M7 now automatically recognizes the film speed, and provides aperture-priority autoexposure. It only needs two tiny button batteries which last a long time, but also has 1/60th and 1/125th manual shutter speeds if needed.

Take this camera along with any of the following lenses and enjoy 7 days for the price of 2!

Voigtlander 15mm f4.5 (non Coupled)
Voigtlander 35mm f1.4 Nokton Classic
Voigtlander 50mm f1.1 Nokton
Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 35mm F2 ZM
Carl Zeiss Planar T* 50mm F1.5 ZM
Leica Elmarit-M 28mm f/2.8 ASPH
Leica Summicron 35mm f2 ASPH
Leica Summicron 50mm F2 Type 4
Leica Summilux 50mm f1.4 ASPH

And enjoy 7 days for the price of 2! Call 96504158 or email info@camerarental.biz for more details

Terms and Condition:
1) Maximum of 3 items. No splitting of invoice for same booking
2) Valid for all collections before 31 Dec 2019
3) All cameras must be paired with a lens
4) Lenses cannot be taken alone
5) Only Valid for items listed above
6) Not valid with any other promos or discounts
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