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Elinchrom 400Ws Ranger Quadra Pro Set

Elinchrom 400Ws Ranger Quadra Pro Set

2 x RQ "A" Heads
2 x Standard 13.5cm Reflectors w/ Diffuser Cover
2 x 2.5m cables
1 x RQ Flash Unit
2 x Batteries
1 x Charger
1 x Skyport Transmitter
1 x Sync Cable
1 x Strap
2 x Portalite 40cm x 40cm Softboxes or 85cm White Umbrellas
1 x Padded Carrying Case
2 x Compact Lightstands
Ranger Quadra AS The Ranger Quadra AS is a compact portable 400 Watts battery flash system for studio and outdoor use. A perfect battery flash system for anybody who like unplugged (not connected to the mains) photography. The RQ System offers "Action Freezing" flash duration with fast flash recycling time and also unplugged (wireless) trigger and remote options.

The new RQ AS offer many exciting, new features:
EL-SKYPORT (inside) Radio remote control of POWER SETTINGS and FLASH TRIGGER.

INTELLIGENT BATTERY POWER OPTIMIZATION Auto Power-Off. Programmable Pilot Light duration. Super efficient LED Pilot Light.

INTELLIGENT SLAVE CELL Red eye pre-flash auto-detect. Programmable and pre-set effect modes

RANGER QUADRA HEAD Compact, lightweight. Plug-In Flash tube. Interchangeable cables. RQ A Speed Head version for Action Freezing Photography.

Available as a softbox set or umbrella set, complete with compact stands.
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