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Rycote A5 Aluminium News Boom Pole

Rycote A5 Aluminium News Boom Pole

Extremely robust and featuring a patented, quick release mechanism, the A5 News Boom Pole is the first choice for professionals. The innovative triple-cam locking system of the pole allows for minimal twisting when locking/unlocking, making it less likely to jam when dirty. The locking system can also be stripped down completely for easy cleaning of the pole.

Designed for especially demanding applications such as television news broadcasting, the A5 News Boom Pole is made of top grade 1.0mm thick aircraft grade aluminium and is also available with an internal coiled cable.

Includes Rycote InVision INV-7 microphone shock-mount.

Sections: 5
Width: ø 17 mm - ø 29 mm
Length: Collapsed: 0.66m; Extended: 2.50m
Weight: 640g
Supports Light Microphone Other
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