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Lupolux Dayled 1000 (DAL 04)

Lupolux Dayled 1000 (DAL 04)

All the products guarantee an even, flicker-free, beam of light, most suitable for still photography and video. All Lupolux lights are made in carbon fibre, a high-tech material which guarantee lightness and portability and sturdiness at the same time.

This revolutionary LED Fresnel is equipped with a 90 W Powerled array.
Extremely light (carbon fibre).
Extremely low power consumption (90 W) and high light efficiency (1000 W).
Spot or flood light.
Hot restrike.
Sensor to detect LED temperature.
0 - 100 dimming.
14 V battery connection.
DMX connection.
High CRI value.
Consumption: 90 W
LED colour temperature: 5600K
Voltage: 90 V - 240 V
Yoke: included
Fresnel lens: 150 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg
Dimensions: 210 mm x 260 mm x 230 mm

If you are looking to use the Lupolux for your outdoor shoot, we have V-Mount battery option available. That will be additional $20 to your rental. It comes with a V-Mount plate and 2x V-Mount batteries.
Video cameras
Professional use Home/office use
Supports Light Microphone Other
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