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Studio area

We have 2 studios at our premise. Both studios are perfect for small to medium sized projects and available for rent to both professional and amateur photographers and videographers. Each studio has approximately 6m (Length) x 4m (wide) x 3m (height) of actual shooting space and is equipped with wide variety of studio equipment and accessories, offering the fashion, portrait, product, and model photographer in you a huge amount of possibilities to work with.

The flexibility of the studio space enables the accommodation of a range of activities, including:
  • Photography / Videography work (max 13 persons creatively positioned on backdrop)
  • Courses/workshops (15 participants, seated)

Studio layout

By default, the studio is set up below with the strobes assigned to the individual Skyport groups. This setup is mainly intended for high-key shots on pure white background.

  • Group 1 – 1m Octa on the boom stand
  • Group 2 – 30x170cm Strip
  • Group 3 / 4 – 21cm Reflector with barndoors

Studio equipment

4 x Elinchrom BXRi 500 or Dlite-4
1 X Elinchrom 70cm Matte Silver Beauty Dish*
2 x Elinchrom 21cm Reflector with Barndoors
1 x Set of 20/30 degree honeycomb grids
1 x Fomex 1m Octa Softbox
1 x Fomex 80x120cm Recta Softbox
1 x Fomex 30x170cm Strip Softbox
1 x Snoot
1 x 5-in-1 reflector disc
2 x Pocketwizards Plus III transceivers
1 x Sekonic Lightmeter
1 x PC sync to 3.5mm jack sync cord

A total of 5 backdrop rolls (White, Black, Grey, Chroma Blue and Chroma Green) are pre-mounted in the studio as part of the rental. Additional colours are chargeable at additional $30 per roll usage. Choices include: Red, Yellow, Pink and Purple (subject to availability). Do inform us of the additional colour (if any) at least 24 hrs before your studio session.

*Please approach our staff if you require these items or if you need an additional Pocketwizards Plus III transceiver.

Studio rental rates

Our studio is open weekdays from 0900Hrs to 2100Hrs and weekends from 0900Hrs to 1800Hrs. The rental rates are as follows:
  • Hourly Rates (Min 2 hrs per session):
    • $30/hr for weekdays;
    • $40/hr for weekends and public holidays;
    • Additional $10/hr over the respective $30 or $40 rate for rentals between 0900Hrs to 1000Hrs and 1800Hrs to 2100Hrs.
  • Day Rates (10am to 6pm):
    • $200 for weekdays;
    • $300 for weekends and public holidays.
* Studio rentals are by appointment only.

Studio amenities


Artists and clients spend hours in our studio, so it is essential that we provide the most comfortable environment for their work. The studio is cooled by an air conditioning unit, which can be set to user-desired temperatures. The studio is furnished with chairs, high chairs, stools, partitions and mirrors, and equipped with an audio system to play your favourite CD or the radio, or you could even plug your iPod in (via the auxiliary input).

Dressing alcove

A partitioned area next to the shooting space caters for convenient changing of clothes or adjustment of apparels. A heavy-duty clothes rack provides temporary storage for your clothes. A well-lit dressing table and full-length mirror within the changing area completes your make-up and wardrobe changing needs.


A toilet is available within the studio area.

Value-added services

We are a group of videographers and photographers, and are fully aware of your needs. Our personnel will be around to assist you in the initial set up of your studio shoot. We also provide camera and video equipment rental services, so should you require any additional camera/video equipment, or should your equipment fail you at the most critical moments (we hope not!), we will be able to provide you with the necessary resources. All additional photo equipment are available for rent during your studio session at a 40% discount! Subject to availability of course.
If you are intending to hold a meeting or an event in our studio, do advice us on your requirements and we will assist with the arrangements.

Contacting us

If you are interested in learning more about renting our studio, please contact us and we will respond to your request in a very timely manner -- or you can call us directly at our hotline: 9650 4158.
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